Holiday Feast

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  1. Holiday Feast

    This gourmet dinner for 10 includes everything you need to host a tradition (and foolproof delicious!) Christmas dinner. Simply warm, serve and smile.

    Holiday Feast
  2. Cheese and Charcuterie (Serves 6)

    Elevate your Holiday cocktail hour with a well-crafted cheese & charcuterie board, complete with Manchego, Smoked Gouda, Parmesan, and an impressive spread of charcuterie, fruit preserves, crisps, and more!

    Cheese and Charcuterie (Serves 6)
  3. The Classic Mix 3-Pack
    The Classic Mix has something for everyone: bubbles for mom, a light red for sis, and a bold red for dad. So, wine-up your Holiday with the best of France, Italy, and Spain.
    The Classic Mix 3-Pack
  4. Red Lover's 3-Pack
    Sometimes, all you need is red, red, and more red. With our red lover’s three-pack, kick-off your feast with a juicy French Gamay, then enjoy a savory Rioja, and end the night with a decadent Napa Valley Cab. Red Lover’s unite!
    Red Lover's 3-Pack
  5. Feast Supreme 4-Pack
    Every feast deserves a table filled with bottles of wine. With our Feast Supreme four-pack,
    Feast Supreme 4-Pack
  6. Handmade Short Rib Empanadas

    Comes With 12 (Argentinian Style)

    Handmade Short Rib Empanadas
  7. Ham & Cheese Empanadas

    Comes With 12 (Argentinian Style)

    Ham & Cheese Empanadas
  8. Manchego Croquettes

    12 croquettes Bechamel 3 month Manchego Cheese 

    Manchego Croquettes
  9. Lemon Pie (Serves 6/8)

    Nothing pairs more perfectly with sweet, and  tangy lemons than a decadent and rich, buttery crust

    Lemon Pie (Serves 6/8)
  10. Pavlova (Serves 6/8)

    Our irresistible Pavlova is made with fresh strawberries, walnut meringue, dulce de leche, and whipped cream. Need we say more?

    Pavlova (Serves 6/8)
  11. Pumpkin Pie (Serves 6/8)
    We believe that less is more in the kitchen. That’s why we use the simplest, freshest ingredients when we make our pumpkin pies. The result? A classic fall favorite at its best.
    Pumpkin Pie (Serves 6/8)

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