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  1. Ultimate American (4-Pack)

    Thanksgiving is the perfect time to drink American! With our Ultimate American 4-pack, you can pair every bite of your Thanksgiving meal. Pair the Sauvignon Blanc with fall roasted veggies, then impress your palate with homemade cornbread and Oregon Pinot Noir. End big with two expressions of velvety Napa Valley reds fit for every golden piece of the Turkey!


    Ultimate American (4-Pack)
  2. Red Lover (3-Pack)

    Hosting a crowd of red lovers? Then, wow them with our Red Lover 3-pack. Start off with a lighter Oregon Pinot Noir, then turn-up the wow factor with an impressive “Baby Brunello” and full-bodied Châteauneuf-du-Pape.  

    Red Lover (3-Pack)
  3. The Classic Mix (3-Pack)

    Cover all the drinking basics with our Classic Mix 3-pack. From a high-class Prosecco to a mineral-forward Chablis, to a full-bodied and savory Spanish red, we’ve got something for everyone. Deliciousness guaranteed.      

    The Classic Mix (3-Pack)
  4. Cheese and Charcuterie (Serves 6)

    Elevate your Thanksgiving cocktail hour with a well-crafted cheese & charcuterie board, complete with Manchego, Smoked Gouda, Parmesan, and an impressive spread of charcuterie, fruit preserves, crisps, and more!

    Cheese and Charcuterie (Serves 6)
  5. Lemon Pie

    Nothing pairs more perfectly with sweet, and  tangy lemons than a decadent and rich, buttery crust

    Lemon Pie
  6. Pavlova

    Our irresistible Pavlova is made with fresh strawberries, walnut meringue, dulce de leche, and whipped cream. Need we say more?

  7. The Side(s) Kicks

    The best part about Thanksgiving is the colorful medley of sides! Pick 3 of Chef Mariano's fan-favorite classics. From his famous corn bread to roasted fall vegetables to an over-the-top potato gratin, these “sidekicks” will surely impress your guests.

    The Side(s) Kicks
  8. Pumpkin Pie
    We believe that less is more in the kitchen. That’s why we use the simplest, freshest ingredients when we make our pumpkin pies. The result? A classic fall favorite at its best.
    Pumpkin Pie
  9. Apple Pie
    We love baking from scratch. That’s why we make the time to peel, cut, and season every apple, stacked to the max in our artisanal apple pie.
    Apple Pie
  10. Thanksgiving Feast (Serves 10)

    This gourmet dinner for 10 includes everything you need to host a traditional (and foolproof delicious!) Thanksgiving meal. Simply warm, serve, and smile.

    Thanksgiving Feast (Serves 10)
  11. Thanksgiving Feast (Serves 6)

    This gourmet dinner for 6 includes everything you need to host a traditional (and foolproof delicious!) Thanksgiving meal. Simply warm, serve, and smile

    Thanksgiving Feast (Serves 6)

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